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How to Order Barbed Wire

When you have the need of the barbed wire, please give the detailed information about barbed wire materials, specification and packages. We will supply the best products for you. Here are the order items.

Materials: hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire, PVC wire.
In general, barbed wire according to the materials, has hot-dipped galvanized barbed wire, electro galvanized barbed wire and PVC coated barbed wire. The color should be listed, such as green, black, gray, brown, etc.

Wire diameter, Barbed wire has line wire and barb wire. The wire diameter of line wire is larger. You should list the two wire diameters.
Barb spacing, In general, it is from 1.96" to 5.90".
Length, It is available as customer's need.

Twist types; There are three types: single twist, double twist and traditional twist.

Packages. We usually take carton packing and wood axletree packing.

If you have other request, please feel free to contact us with the details. We will try best to supply the right barbed wire products for you.

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