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An inconspicuous wire barrier is a serious obstacle for wheeled and tracked machinery.

Inconspicuous wire obstacleare intended to impede movement, hinder the advance and maneuver of violators of the state border, provide border units and reserves with favorable conditions for blocking and detaining them, limit the action of animals and people on signaling and control means.

The inconspicuous obstacle is a wire fence consisting of a four-tier network of ring garlands.

Inconspicuous obstacles

inconspicuous wire barrier

three-dimensional barrier wire fence

Serious obstacle for wheeled and tracked machinery

Inconspicuous wire obstacle barrier made of rings of high-carbon wire.The wire is very thin, so such an obstacle is invisible. refers to engineering non-explosive barriers of the restraining type.


  • Overall dimensions in folded form:: Length – 1200 mm, width – 600 mm, height – 120 mm.
  • The main dimensions of the fence in the unfolded state:length – 10 m, width – 10 m, height – 1.2 m; - the weight of the set is no more than 30 kg.
A set of inconspicuous obstacles wire is packed in stretch film .

A set of inconspicuous obstacles wire is packed in stretch film

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