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Spiral the fence stay
Galvanized Barbed wire fence stay

Fence stays are proven reinforcements for your barbed wire fence. The fence stays give added strength and rigidity to fences and help you save installation costs by allowing for increased post spacing.

Galvanized Razor Wire
Galvanized Barbed Wire

Galvanized barbed wire used for security barriers. Single and double strand barbed wire 2.8mm line wire and 2.0mm barb wire, packed 25-45kg/coil.

A PVC coated barbed Wire
PVC Coated Barbed Wire

PVC coated barbed wire consists of 2 twisted wires with 4 spikes, spaced 65-120mm apart, inside galvanized wire 1.6-3.5mm, outside wire 2-4.0mm, 50-400m/coil.

barbed wire fence with 3 lines
Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fence used with razor wire - chain link fence for high security fencing. Our barbed wire fence wire diameter is 2.5-3mm, barb wire diameter 1.5-2mm

Barbed Wire Machine
Barbed Wire Machine

Barbed wire machine can produce single or double-stranded barbed wire, safe and reliable. with motor 3kw, rated output 70kg/h, weight 1500kg, 432r/min.

Three Double Twist Barbed Wires On grey background
Barbed Wire Twist Types

Barbed wire covers single twist, double twist and traditional twist type. Single barbed wire with barbs spacing 1.96"--5.90",barbed distance 3-6 inch.

High Tensile Steel Line Wire
High Tensile Steel Barbed Wire

High tensile steel barbed wire specification: coil diameter 1000mm, diameter 3.7+/-0.05mm, tensile strength 1235N/m2, galvanized line wire:275g/square meter.

Concertina barbed wire has only one strand line wire with many small protrusions on the surface which is connected with clips and each twist barb has four spikes.
Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina barbed wire with one line wire often attached onto various wire mesh fence as high security fence barrier for airport, prison, farm, highway fencing.

Inconspicuous wire obstacle
Inconspicuous wire obstacle

The inconspicuous obstacle is a wire fence consisting of a four-tier network of ring garlands.

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