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Barbed Wire for Livestock Fencing

The widely used fences for livestock have woven wire fence, barbed wire fence, high-tensile non-electric fence, high-tensile electric fence and temporary interior fencing. Here introduce the barbed wire fencing for livestock fence in detail.

We select each of fences as the livestock fencing, the purposes are to keep safe and cost little. The type of fencing selected depends on personal preference and the species of livestock to be fined. In general, barbed wire fencing can be used with cattle.

Materials for barbed wire fence are galvanized barbed wire, low carbon steel wire and PVC coated wire.

Three wires—barbed with at least 36 two-point iron barbs or 26 four-point iron barbs—on each rod of wire, or of four wires (two barbed and two smooth) to be firmly fastened to posts not more than two rods apart with not less than two stays between posts, or with posts more than one rod apart without such stays, the top wire to be 48-54 inches in height.

Barbed Wire as livestock fencing to protect goat
Barbed Wire for Livestock Fencing
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