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Barbed Harmonica Metal Wire

Barbed wire is from a barbed metal wire consisting a wire with high tensile strength and a barbed wire twisted around that. The spiral of the barbed wire and the loops is performed with harmonica-clamp style fixing wristlets.

The basic material of the wire having high tensile strength, is coldly pulled zincked stainless steel. The barbed wire can be made of coldly pulled zincked steel with low content of coal. The harmonica clamps can be made of steel with cadmium or zinc cover.

Technical parameters:

  • The rolls of the barbed wire before deployment have round shape with inner diameter of 950 ± 25 mm.
  • Number of spirals in one roll: min. 55.
  • Effective length of opened harmonica of one roll: min. 14 m.
  • Width of covered terrain with one kit in case of one-line deployment: min. 50-56 m.
  • Nominal diameter of high tensile strength wire: min. 2.5 mm.
  • Tensile strength of the wire: min. 1450 MPa.
  • Disconnecting strength of the high tensile strength wire and the barbed wire from each other: min. 450 N.
  • Strength needed to open the harmonica clamps: min. 1500 N.
  • Weight of one roll: max. 15 kg.
  • Weight of one kit: max. 70 kg.
Barbed Harmonica Metal Wire
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