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Barbed Wire Applications

Compared to welded wire fence or chain link fence, barbed wire or razor wire is widely used for more security. It can be found in prison, airport, highway side, animal feeding fields and war zones. Barbed wire is easy to install and need only the tie wire, posts and nails, accessories. Sometimes, barbed wire is as assistance used for security and protection with chain link fence, welded wire fence or expanded metal fences.

To prevent humans crossing through or over barbed wire fences, many prisons and other high-security installations construct fences with razor wire, a variant which instead of occasional barbs features near-continuous cutting surfaces sufficient to injure unprotected persons who climb on or over it.

Application in highway: Generally in the highway sides, the barbed wire is widely used. It is very dangerous to come across the highway when the cars are driving in high speed. Well, the barbed wire can give the guarantee.

Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire Application for Security
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