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Razor Wire Mesh Specifications

We supply different types and specifications razor wire mesh, concertina razor wire mesh, galvanized razor wire mesh.

Galvanized razor wire mesh specifications:

  • Wire mesh roll size:
    • 14.4 kg/roll , spacing between coils 500/3.
    • 14.4 kg/roll weight of each roll, 700/3 spacing
    • 14.4 kg/roll weight of each roll, 980/3 spacing.
  • Razor mesh:
    • 2.2 m wide by 15 m length.
    • Mesh size, hole size:15 × 30 cm.
    • Loading per container: or number of rolls per ton.
    • Weight per roll: 41.25 kg/roll.
    • Size: 450 mm Razor Concertina 55 spirals.
    • Weight: 6.5 kg/roll.
Galvanized Concertina Razor Wire
A line of galvanized concertina razor wire in the warehouse with several packed razor wires in the warehouse.
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