Galvanized and PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

What is chain link fence?

Chain link fence is one type weaving fence, with the materials of galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, or galvanized and PVC coated wire, used in gardens, parks, road sides and housing. Chain link fabric is knitted and fastened into rolls automatically by chain link machine. The knitting process is that screwing the coiled wire into each other forms a flat coil.

In order to establish a stable, reliable and durable mesh fence for you, not only galvanized or PVC coated chain link fence, but also steel fence installation accessories is supplied by us. The most popular are galvanized chain link fence, which has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. However, PVC coated chain-link has better durability.

Galvanized chain-link fencing PVC coated chain link fencing
Galvanized chain link fence with twist edge PVC chain link fence used as sports fence

Wire diameter: 1.2 - 5mm;
Mesh opening: 20mm × 20mm to 50mm × 50mm;
Fencing height: 0.6 - 3.5 m;
Zinc on the wire 60-90 g/m2;
Edge types: bent or twisted;
Roll length: 10m - 50m;
Packing: the rolls are packed with paper or plastic film and tied crosswise.

Chain link fence - razor barbed wire for high security

Barbed wire as highly physical obstacle for intruders and wildlife is often used together with chain link fence. As security fences, razor barbed wire-chain link fence is a perfect choosing. Chain link fencing can forbid climbing. Barbed wire or razor wire in the above of chain fencing provides greater security. It is ideal for warehouses, construction sites, closed areas, airports, oil terminals, parking lots and other land to which entrance is strictly limited.

Chain link fence - concertina wire is used as security fence
Concertina wire above galvanized chain link fence forms a high security fencing

Chain link fence and barbed wire offer high security
Barbed wire and chain-link fence used as security fencing

The following is chain link fence used in mobile phone base station:
2.5m high chain link mesh with barbed wire coil Ø0.5m on its top. Poles to be fixed to the concrete floor using concrete anchor, and the span between each poles to be 2m to 3m.
Wire fence and poles are supplied separately and flexibility in installation according to the varies area.

A few days ago, we did a case of chain link fence and barbed wire, materials needed and construction method as follows:
1. Fabric: heavy galvanized chain link fabric made from galvanized steel wire 3.76mm dia, mesh size 50 × 50mm, fabric height 2.70m with barbed selvage.
2. Tension wire: heavy galvanized wire 3.76mm dia, sufficient for 3 rows.
3. Barbed wire: 2 Ply, 4 Points. galvanized strand wire 2.50mm dia, galvanized barbing wire 2.0mm dia, spacing between barbs 101mm, in reels of 200m, sufficient for 6 rows.
4. Line posts: 73.0mm OD × 5.16mm wall thickness × 3.60m long galvanized steel post with galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm on top to take 6 rows of barbed wire, spacing at 3.0m intervals.
5. Pull post: 114mm od × 6.02mm wall thickness × 3.60M long Galvanized post with 42.2mm OD × 3.56mm wall thickness × 6.0m long Galvanized steel brace rail pipe, Galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm to take 6 rows of barbed wire. Pull Post supplied with standard Galvanized straining fittings like truss rod, turn buckle, tension bar, bands, spacing at 152m intervals.
6. Corner post: Same as item no. 5 above, but with corner extension arm.
7. End post: Same as item no. 5 above, but with only half the fittings.
8. Bottom rail: 42.2mm OD × 3.56mm wall thickness × 6.0m long Galvanized steel Bottom Rail Pipe with galvanized steel clamps to connect the pipes together.

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