Barbed Wire and Razor Wire for Security Barriers

Jinshi is specialized in barbed wire and razor wire producing and exporting. During twenty years developing, we have equipped with advanced production equipment, skilled workers, professional sales representatives and considerate after sales service. These contributes our high quality products andlong term cooperation with our customers.

Research and development department have been find more products to suit customers' applications and solve all our customers' problems.



One stop purchase

Barbed wire, razor wire, chain link fence and various needed accessories and tools can be purchased from our website. You just contact us and give us your purchase list and we will prepare all for you.


Professional technology support

We can supply professional technology support no matter before your purchasing or during using the barbed wire, razor wire and chain link fencing. Just browse them and find the solution.


Classical project cases

Wonder if it is suitable for your projects, here we prepare for you classical project cases and applications our customer feedback. You can refer to them and decide what products is best for your projects.


Detailed installation tips

Wonder how to install them and guide your workers to complete the projects. Installation tips, manuals and videos are prepared for you to refer to. You can learn the installation skill soon and easily.

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