Galvanized barbed wire and concertina barbed tape BT0-10 sizes

Galvanized barbed wire specifications:
Wire Diameter: 2.03mm
Length /coil: 65meter
Barbed distance: 101mm
Length of barbe: 13mm
2 strand wire twisted helically around each other.

Also concertina barbed tape BT0-10
The size of blade:10.4mm to 11mm
No. of clips: 5 clips
No.of loops: 56 loops
Extended length of per roll:16m
Weight of per roll: 13 kg+-0.3
Diameter of per roll: 960mm
Diameter of wire:2.5mm
Thick of blade: 0.5mm+-0.05
Width of blade: 19mm
Packing size: 1000 × 1000mm pallet - 5 rolls in a bundle , 8 bundle in a pallet, that is 40 rolls in a pa
Zinc coating: 120g and 80g

Galvanized Barbed WireGalvanized Barbed Wire

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